Debate from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 5
On Some Statements (Amin)

On Some Statements by Samir Amin
Vol.3 No.5 (Spring 1976), pp103-109
The article by Samir Amin published in the first issue of the Review gives a brief and clear-cut account of his views on major problems of today, and raises five issues we wish to discuss. 1. Theoretical Model of Reproduction According to the Amin's diagram in the article, (p.10) the process of reproduction falls into four sectors: (1) exports, (2) ‘mass’ consumption, (3) consumption of luxury goods, (4) capital goods. The determining relationship in a self-centred economy (as Amin calls developed capitalist countries) is that which links sector 2 with sector 4, while in a peripheral economy (‘the third world’ ) it links sector 1 with sector 3. In his view this accounts for the distorted structure and lack of economic prospects in underdeveloped countries. The limited development of the domestic market and import-substitution industry does not make their position any better. Even in cases when the engineering industry is set up in some underdeveloped countries, it is designed to serve sector 1 and sector 3 and cannot therefore ensure progressive independent development of the economy (pp. 14-16).