Article from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 5
State of Ambivalence: Right and Left Options in Ghana

The State of Ambivalence: Right and Left Options in Ghana
Vol.3 No.5 (Spring 1976), pp49-62
The different interests of international capitalism and the politically powerful groups among the Ghanaian petty bourgeoisie in Ghana since 1962 are examined. The conflicting and complementary relations among them are analysed and compared with the specific policies of successive regimes, both military and civilian. Marshall shows that progressive plans for transformation of the neo-colonial political economy could not succeed without an adequate class base and mass mobilisation. While international capital has been unable to establish stable conditions for its own domination, and the perpetuation of the privileges of its local partners. The continued failures of capitalist development strategies sustain the relevance of radical alternatives as they did during the Nkrumah period. Items discussed are UAC, CMB, CPP, UGFC, IMF, NLC, NRC; Volta River Project.