Article from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 5
‘Overdeveloped’ Post Colonial State: A Re-evaluation

The ‘Overdeveloped’ Post Colonial State: A Re-evaluation
Vol.3 No.5 (Spring 1976), pp39-48
In this article Leys questions some of the formulations on the post-colonial state and its bureaucracy developed by Hamza Alavi, Roger Murray and John Saul. The articles referred to are Alavi's ‘The State in Post-Colonial Societies’ (New Left Review, 74, July/August 1972) and Murray's ‘Second Thoughts on Ghana’ (New Left Review, 42 March/April 1967). But Leys is particularly concerned to open a debate on John Saul's ‘The State in Post-Colonial Societies-Tanzania’ , published in The Socialist Register (London, 1974).