Article from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 5
Unsteady State: Uganda, Obote and General Amin

The Unsteady State: Uganda, Obote and General Amin
Vol.3 No.5 (Spring 1976), pp12-38
It would be incorrect to see in the replacement of the colonial state by the post-colonial state merely a distinction without a difference. The colonial state provided imperialism with a quite direct and unmediated instrument for control in the interests of ‘accumulation on a world scale’ within the colonial social formation. The post-colonial state while prone to play a similar role to that placed by its predecessor, is something more of an unpredictable quantity in this regard. Unpredictable, because of the greater scope for expression given to indigenous elements who now find in the ‘independent’ state a much more apt target for their activities and a potential instrument for the advancement of their own interests and concerns. The Nature of Petty-Bourgeois Politics, UPC (Uganda People's Congress), DP (Democratic Party).