Editorial from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 5
Struggle for the State of Southern Africa

The Struggle for the State of Southern Africa
Vol.3 No.5 (Spring 1976), pp4-11
The guerilla war in Zimbabwe has been resumed after an abortive, time-wasting effort to negotiate a deal which could only have led to a neo-colonial state. Zambia has been at the centre of these two penultimate chapters in the struggle for the liberation of southern Africa. It has also been going through a crisis of economic insolvency and still-born strategies which have been both the result and cause of its vacillating southern Africa policies. What is basically at issue is not the ‘whether’ or ‘when’ of majority rule but ‘what kind’ of independent state is to emerge. In particular, is there any prospect for a form of national liberation which provides a democratic alternative to the neo-colonial state. A People's State in Angola: this section discusses the MPLA, UNITA and the FNLA and People's Power (Poder Popular). The section on the struggle in Zimbabwe looks at the role of ZANU and ZAPU and the section on Zambian detente discusses the nature of the ANC and SWAPO in exile.