Review from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 4
Fight for Zimbabwe (Maxey); Insurgency Rhodesia (Wilkinson)

The Fight for Zimbabwe, the Armed Conflict in Southern Rhodesia since UDI by Kees Maxey; Insurgency in Rhodesia, 1957-1974: An Account and an Assessment by A R Wilkinson
Vol.2 No.4 (Winter 1975), pp119-122
Mr. Maxey has undertaken a worthwhile exercise: to provide as full an account as possible of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. He is out to counter "the view propounded by the Rhodesian propaganda machine... that the Zimbabwe nationalist movements were totally ineffective." (p 1). At any time this would have been a useful corrective to the historical record. It is especially timely when the media in Africa and the rest of the world is bemused by efforts to negotiate independence by a group of nationalist leaders and representatives of neighbouring regimes (none of whom have been involved directly in the struggle of the last ten years). This book is a reminder that it is only the armed efforts of Zimbabweans that has forced Vorster and Smith to consider negotiations.