Debate from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 4
Tanzania: Neo-colonialism and Struggle for National Liberation

Tanzania: Neo-colonialism and the Struggle for National Liberation
Vol.2 No.4 (Winter 1975), pp109-118
The three issues of RAPE published so far have all carried papers on Tanzania. Most of these have been written by people who are fascinated and entranced by the ‘unique experiment’ in progress in Tanzania - ‘the transition to socialism’ via the peaceful road. Invariably, they (Saul, Loxley, Raikes and Coulson), like all good social scientists, temper their effusive enthusiasm by expressing certain reservations such as ‘there is a tendency towards bureaucratization’ , ‘coercion is increasing’ , and so on. Some tell us that there is a struggle between two lines - socialist and capitalist and that what is needed now is a cultural revolution so as to restore the ‘revolutionary line’ of the ‘exemplary President’ .