Briefing from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 4
Nigerian Socialists Speak: The People's Manifesto - 3 parts

Nigerian Socialists Speak: The People's Manifesto - 3 parts
Vol.2 No.4 (Winter 1975), pp86-95
We present below three documents from Nigeria. The first, ‘Our Duty’ is the preface to the first number of Theory and Practice, the journal of the Nigerian Academy of Arts, Sciences and Technology, to which much of the Nigerian left is affiliated. The second is an edited excerpt from the address made on the publication of the Academy's economic programme, The Economic Development of Nigeria: The Socialist Alternative by Comrade Ola Oni and Dr Bade Onimode (NAAST March 1975). The third document is an excerpt from the Academy's press statement made on the occasion of the launching of the Nigerian People's Manifesto on 27th January 1974, in which the goals of the manifesto are set out. This document also appeared in Theory and practice No 1 1974, The address of the Academy is c/o Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.