Article from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 4
Struggle for Workers Control in Tanzania

The Struggle for Workers Control in Tanzania
Vol.2 No.4 (Winter 1975), pp62-84
The wave of strikes and workers' occupations in Tanzania over 1972-73 was the result of the workers' justifiable discontent with the level of wages and their conditions of work. The workers contrasted their deteriorating situation with the relatively high incomes of their employers and their despised condition with the arrogance of managers, trades union and government officials. Using Mwongozo as an ideological weapon to attract support from the State, the workers took over some privately owned factories and turned them into producer cooperatives. In some cases the State endorsed the workers' action but in the case of the Mount Carmel factory detailed here, it crushed the workers' movement. Whose side is the State representing in the class struggle?