Editorial from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 4
Class Struggle & Liberation

Class Struggle and Liberation
Vol.2 No.4 (Winter 1975), pp1-12
For partisans and supporters of people's democracy and socialism the world over, 1975 is a year of victories and of rejoicing and celebration. In Asia it is, of course, the year of Indochina, while in Africa it is the year of the final dissolution of the Portuguese colonial empire. The great victories won by the Indochina peoples and by the peoples of Portugal's African colonies, have proved once again that the people's revolutionary war alone can break the power of imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism. They are a major defeat for world imperialism and a great encouragement to the peoples of the Third World still suffering under imperialist oppression in various ways. Furthermore, the manner in which the progress of the African people's liberation struggles in the Portuguese colonies finally triggered off a revolutionary process in Portugal itself, is a fresh demonstration of the underlying unity of the world revolutionary struggle.