Review from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 3
Uhuru no Maendeleo/Freedom & Development (Nyerere)

Uhuru no Maendeleo (Freedom and Development) by Julius Nyerere
Vol.2 No.3 (Summer 1975), pp89-96
This is the third collection of the writings and speeches of Tanzania's President Julius Nyerere. Undoubtedly Nyerere would like to go down in history as having made some substantial contribution not only to political practice but also to political thinking. He no doubt wishes people to take his statements seriously, and perhaps even to study them diligently, thus the periodic compilation of them in volume form. This volume is very varied in form and quality. It consists of 46 different texts ranging from serious discussions to mere ex tempore statements, an entire third of them speeches given at state banquets and lunches.