Article from ROAPE Volume 2 Number 2
Multinationals, Workers & Parastatals in Tanzania

Multinationals, Workers and Parastatals in Tanzania
Vol.2 No.2 (Spring 1975), pp54-88
Does nationalisation provide the answer to the increasing domination of the MNC (Multinational Corporation)s? In the Tanzanian case, nationalisation has given the Government, through ‘parastatal’ enterprises, control of a significant part of the industrial sector, but essential decision making remains unplanned and uncoordinated. Parastatals remain at the mercy of the foreign technical expert, or the management agreement with the former MNC owner. The development of independent technology requires not only trained scientists, but cadres committed to a socialist and self-reliant development. NDC (National Development Copororation); STC (State Trading Corporation); TANU (Tanzania African National Union); Chinese technical experts.