Editorial from ROAPE Volume 1 Number 1
Development in Africa

Development in Africa
Vol.1 No.1 (Spring 1974), pp1-8
This Review is published with the express intent of providing a counterweight to the mass of literature on Africa which holds: that Africa's continuing chronic poverty is primarily an internal problem, and not a product of her colonial history and her present dependence; that the successful attraction of foreign capital and the consequent production within the confines of the international market will bring development and that the major role in achieving development must be played by western-educated ‘modernising’ elites who will bring progress to the ‘backward’ masses.
We hold these perspectives to be inaccurate and mystifying, and as a counter to this perspective our task will be to examine the roots of Africa's present condition: why is its productive potential not realised? why are most of its people still poor? why is the continent still dependent, its future still controlled by outside forces?
The editorial addresses: ideological perspective; Africa and imperialism in the 1970s; sub-imperialism; transnational corporations; and class struggle.

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